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Juventus played 2-2 draw against Atlanta

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League leaders Juventus and Atlanta have played 2-2 draw.

Atlanta took the early lead in Juventus’ home ground. In the 16th minute, Duvan Japata gave Atlanta the lead by scoring on a pass from captain Alejandro Gomez.

But in the tenth minute of the second half, Cristiano Ronaldo scored from the penalty spot to put league leader Juventus back in the game.

Ruslan Malinivsky scored a superb goal in the 80th minute to give Atlanta the lead for the second time.

Ronaldo saved Juventus from defeat in the 90th minute through a second penalty kick.

With this draw, Juventus has collected 76 points from 32 games. Top-ranked Yuve is eight points ahead of second-placed Lazio.

Atlanta, which is in the best rhythm in the league, has 67 points from 32 games. Atlanta is third on the table.

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