Thu. Jul 30th, 2020

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Sujal urge his well wishers to stay safe

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Nepal International footbaler Sujal Shrestha advices his well wishers to stay safe in the worldwide pandemic of Corona Virus. Read More,

‘Everone stay very safe for these 2-3 weeks. Exit the house only if there is an urgent task. Protect your village, your place and yourself, ‘said Sujal.

‘Fake news are spreading in the market. Don’t follow it. Believe only the information provided by the WHO and the Government of Nepal, ”said Sujal.

“Those who know about this virus spread your knowledge to those who dont know about it” he added.

The training of the national team has also been postponed as the corona virus can spread. At the same time, all sports activities in Nepal are postponded.

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