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Women cricketers of the national team to get monthly salary

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Nepal’s women’s cricket team played its first international competition in the year 2007. After performing well in the first international competition. There was a lot of praise for women’s cricket.

But since the first international competition, women cricketers from the national team have been playing for Nepal on an allowance. Now, CAN, the parent body of Nepali Cricket, also plans to pay monthly salary to national women cricketers.

According to CAN’s plan, 18 female cricketers from national team will be classified into A, B and C class and accordingly monthly salary will be paid. The captain of the women’s national cricket team, Rubina Chhetri, expressed satisfaction with CAN’s plans.

If CAN acted in accordance with this plan, women cricketers would have more incentives, as well as experts said it would help alot in the development of Nepali women’s cricket.

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