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Liverpool out of Champions League

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Defending champions Liverpool have been eliminated from the UEFA Champions League. Spanish club Atletico Madrid beats Liverpool 3-2 goals in the second leg.

Liverpool lost the first leg of the pre-quarterfinals by 1–0, while the second leg of today’s match ended with a 3–2 goal difference. In regulation time Liverpool won the match but due to 1-1 sraw in agreegrate. An extra 30 minutes was added to the game.

Liverpool were the first to advance in the game. In the 43rd minute of the first half Georgini Wijnaldum scores for Liverpool. Liverpool were outscored 2-1 after Roberto Firmino scored in the 94 th minute as the extra time continued to play.

Atletico returned a goal in the 97th minute, taking advantage of a goalkeeper’s error at the counter that saw Liverpool too aggressive. This time Marcus Lorente scored. Lorente scored in the 105th minute to put the game at 2-2.

Alvaro Morata scored the winning goal for Atletico, He had a beautiful finish in the 120th minute.

With this win Atletico become the second team to reach the Champions League quarterfinals this season. PSG have reached the quarterfinals after defeating Dortmund in the match played earlier today.

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