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Another win for Kiran ‘s Club Punjab FC

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Punjab FC defeated  Real Kashmir 1-0 on Sunday in an I-League 2019-20 clash at the Guru Nanak Stadium, Ludhiana on Sunday

Aser Dipanda Dicka scored the only goal of the match in the 44th minute to seal crucial three points for the Warriors.

Punjab FC dominated the first half. But despite all the domination, the Punjab FC couldnot break the defensive solidity of Real Kashmir.

Real Kashmir got the chance to score in the 34th minute when Kiran Limbu’s mispass went to Kallum Higginbotham. The British striker tried to lob the ball into an empty net but Eze Kingsley made a timely intercepted and headed the ball away.

Punjab FC finally took the lead at the stroke of halftime when Dipanda Dicka made a solo run from the counter-attack and exchanged a one-two with Cavin Lobo at the edge of the box before pushing the ball into the net.

Both Punjab FC and Real Kashmir remained on the second and fifth position respectively after result.

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