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Oman defeated Nepal at home, Nepal’s poor opening Partnership Continues

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Oman defeated Nepal by 18 runs in the ICC Mens cricket world Cup league 2 at Kirtipur ground today.

Oman batted first loosing the toss and set a defendable total of 198 runs. Mohammed Nadeem made highest runs for Oman in todays match, 69 runs came from his bat. Sandeep Goud also batted well and made 33 important runs for Oman. Naseem Khusi added 28 runs from 18 balls which accelerated Oman’s innings.

Nepali bowlers bowled well today. Karan Kc took 4 wickets for Nepal giving just 47 runs from 9 overs. Sushan bhari made a wonderful debut today. He took 3 wickets and gave only 14 runs from 9 overs. Dipendra Airee had a wicket in his name today for Nepal.

Nepal’s opener didn’t batted as expected once again. Skipper Gyanendra Malla was caught at 1 whereas Former Skipper could only make 3 runs for Nepal today. Sharad Veswaker really batted well today. He made 55 runs. Dipendra Singh Airee added 36 runs from his bat and Binod Bhandari made 26 runs today. Sandeep Lamichhane showed his batting capabilities today making 28 runs for Nepal.

Skipper Zeeshan Makshood bowled well today. He took 3 wickets giving 30 runs from 10 overs. Bilal Khan had two wickets in his Name.

Now Nepal will face USA on 6 february, Thursday.

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