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Rejin Dhimal’s spot kick goal helps Machindra regain top spot

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Machindra Football Club defeated Nepal APF by 2-1 today at the Dasrath Stadium. After this win MFC are at the top with 22 points in their name.

APF took the first lead on the match. In the 43rd minutes of the match Ramesh Dangal scored a beaitiful header and gave a hope to APF. The first Half also ended in APF’s favour.

Soon in the 2nd Half MFC scored their equalizer in 49th minutes. Suman Lama’s own goal levelled the score. It added a bit nervousness in APF.

APF were showing their Spirit into the match but MFC were awarded a Spot Kick.Ranjit Dhimal converted it into a goal in the 72nd minutes to give White Lions a lead for the first time in the match. It not only gave a lead for MFC but later it was the match winner.

APF are struggling at 13th place in the table with 5 points in their name.

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