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White Lions proved better against Stars

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Machindra football Club defeated Three Star Club by 2-0 and snatched three big points from Stars. This win increases Machindra’s Title hope but minimizes Stars chance.

Substitute Rejin Subba made an immediate impact on the match. He was just inside the the ground and he scored a wonderful goal in the 37th minutes of the match. It was assisted by Sujal Shrestha. This goal seperated Stars and White Lions in the 1st period of the match.

In the 2nd period of the match Stars dominated the play most of the time. They added a huge pressure on Machindra to find a equalizer. Mchindra took the advantage of Full Attacking intension of Stars at the edge of the match. A counter Attack lead by Sujal Shrestha assured all three points for White Lions. Bishal Rai scored in the 90th minutes utilizing a counter move from Sujal.

Machindra are Strongly at the top with 19 points playing 9 matches whereas Three Star have 14 points in total.

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