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Haaland’s debut, A dream debut of every debutants who are linked with Sports

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Erling Haaland the Norwegian striker debuted for the German Side Borrusis Dortmund yesterday. He debuted in such a way that everyone who are linked with Sports would be proud of him. He scored a Hat-Trick in his debyu match against Augsburg.

When he was in at the 56th minutes of the match, his team was 3-1 down. Just after 3 minutes he played he scored a one on one goal to bring Dortmund back on Match. Then Jadon Sancho levelled the match scoring for Dortmund in the 61st minutes of the match.

Now Dortmund had the momentum and the match was levelled. Halland scored a tap in in the 70th minutes to give Dortmund the lead for the first time in the match. Haaland completed his
hat-trick and sealed the match for Dortmund in the 79th minutes of the match.

Haaland completed his hat-trick in a total of 23 minutes. His debut is a dream debut of many debutants around the world. Many memorable debut’s made by Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and even former Dortmund player Pieree Emrick Aubameyang are not likely to compare with this debut made by Haaland .

Man United might be the one affected more by the wonderful debut of Haaland than his yesterday’s opponent Augsberg because United rejected this 19 year old Wonder-Kid. Now let’s see will this wonderkid continue the momentum of his debut or will this be just a history.

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