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What did Valvarde achieved as a Barcelona Manager??

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Let’s rewind Ernesto Valvarde’s Barcelona Carrier as a Manager of Barcelona The Spanish Manager managed Barcelona for a total of 145 matches since Summer of 2017.

Valvarde was able to win 97 matches with Barcelona. Under his management Barca played 32 draws. Barcelona was defeated 16 times Under Valvarde. Valvarde and Barcelona together collected 4 different trophies. They were Laliga Champions season 2017-18 2018-17. Barca were able to win Copa Del Rey 2017-18 and SuperCopa de Espana 2018 Under Ernesto Valvarde in 2 years time.

Valvarde was badly criticized everywhere but seeing his stats he didn’t had a worst time at Barcelona. 4 trophies in 2 years is quite difficult. Fans blaimed him for different reasons and finally might be over Criticism Barcelona finally sacked him.

Quique Setien has replaced Valvarde. Let’s see how Setien will handle a difficult job to manage one of the best team of the world, Barcelona.

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