Thu. Jul 30th, 2020

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Three Star Club returned to its winning streak.

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Qatar Airways has added thrill to the Martyrs’ Memorial A Division League after the Ruslan Three Star Club returned to its winning streak. Three Star defeated another Lalitpur Team Brigade Boys Club (BBC) 3-1 on Wednesday in a crucial victory at Dashrath Stadium. In 3 games, 3-star collects 7 points.

Susan Shrestha, Ananta Tamang and Hamjat scored goals in the Three Star’s victory. In the 14 th minute, Susan scored a three-point lead. Susan scored a comfortable goal from inside the six yard yard pass by Ashok Khawas. Anant added a goal in the 41st minute. Anant scored on a header through Mikheen Tamang’s corner.

Three Star added another goal in the 57th minute, Hamjat scored 3rd goals for Three Star. In the 89 th minute, Roshan Rana Magar of the BBC score a consolation goal .

BBC had won in two of the previous 3 games. BBC defeated Himalayan Sherpa 4-0 and defeat the Friends 1-0. BBC were defeated 2-1 by Machindra and 3-1 with MMC

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