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Red Star Football Club in the final of Pathivara Gold Cup & will face Eleven Arrows

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Red Star Football Club has reached in the final of 4th Pathivara Gold Cup. The Red Star set a final journey with the win against Morang’s Daagihat club in the semifinal match on Thursday.

The first half ended in a goalless tie. In the first 2 min of the second half Yogesh Gurung opened the account for the Red Star. However, in the 8 min of second half, Vikas Limbu equalized a goal for Daagihat. It was uncomfortable to play in the rain at the end of the game.

In 90 min regulation time both team played 1-1 draw and proceed to Penalty shootout. Daagihat’s goalkeeper Chhiring Tamang blocked Niraj Basnet, and Manoj Rai’s shot. Vikram Limbu, Bikesh Limbu, Bikram dhimal sacred for Daagihat.

Biwos Chaudhary also Blocked Dilan Loktam and Sumin Mainali’s shot. Buddha Chemjong, Pujan Uperkoti and Yogesh Gurung scored for Red star.

After 3-3 tie in Penalty Shootout match proceed to Sudden death. Manbahadur’s shot was denied by Red Star goalkeeper Biwos where as Nishant Limbu score winning goal for Red Star to set place in final. Biwos Chaudhary became Man of the Match and revieved 5 thousand cash Prize .

Red Star will face Eleven Arrows in final Match.

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