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Adrian saved Abraham’s penalty to give Liverpool UEFA Super Cup Title 2019

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nepalsports, Dipendra Ghimire, Adrian saved Abraham’s penalty to give Liverpool UEFA Super Cup Title 2019. The match ended 1-1 in normal time 2-2 in additional time and Liverpool won 5-4 in Penalties.

Olivier Giroud gave the lead for Chelsea in the 36th minutes of the first half taking advantage of beautiful pass From Pulisic. In the 40th minutes of the First half Pulisic himself scored a goal butbwas disallowed due to offside. The first half went into Chelsea’s Favour and ended Chelsea leading the match 1-0.

Soon after the start of second half Sadio Mane scored a goal to bring Liverpool back on the match but this goal was possible only due to the introduction of Roberto Firmino.

On the 83rd minutes Another Chelsea goal was disallowed due to Offside.
The match winner couldn’t be decided on Normal time and at the 95th minutes of the Extra time Mane gave The lead back for Liverpool Brilliantly which was assisted once again by Roberto Firmino.

Still that lead was not enough after Jorginio Scored a penalty goal in 101th minutes of the match. Chelsea were awarded penalty after Adrian fouled Abraham inside the box. The match ended 2-2 in Extra time.

In penalty everone scored for Liverpool whereas Abraham missed for Chelsea to handover the title to Liverpool.

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