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Liverpool still winless after Loosing 3-0 against Napoli

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Liverpool still winless after Loosing 3-0 against Napoli. Lorenzo Insignes brilliant performance Leads Napoli To this wide Victory against Champions of The Champions League.

In the 17th minutes Lorenzo Insign Scored a brilliant right footed Goal from Outside of the Box. It was assisted by Dries Mertens. In 29 th minutes Insigne Assisted for Arkadiusz Milik. Milik scored a left Footed goal this time. At the edge of the First Half Gigi Wijnaldems scored a goal but Was later Disallowed by Refree.

Then Younes scored third Goal for Napoli to seal Napolis Victory. Third goal was Scored following Insignes Shot saved by Goalkeeper. Then still Napoli had made some attacks but That goal from younes was the last of the match and Napoli goat a pre-season win at Home

The Reds produced one of their poorest performances of the summer. 

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