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Nepal’s series victory against Malaysia, won by 6 runs

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Binod leads Nepal to series victory against malaysia Today toss went in the favour of Nepal and decided to bad first. Nepal batted well and gave the target of 174 runs. Malaysia also batted really well but only make 167 runs from 20 overs and Nepal won by 6 runs at last.

Opener Pawan Sarraf was run out by Syed Aziz Syed due with miscommunication with Paras khada. He made 10 runs. Then Ganendra Malla was caught and he made 7 runs. Immidiately after Gyanendra Malla was out Skipper Paras Khadka was caught sensationally by Virandeep Singh in the bowl of Mohammed Fitri. Then Sharad Veswakar played really well. He Made 40 runs quickly from 28 balls. Karan kc made 16 runs from 10 balls. Binod Bhandari gets more credit for today’s win because he made 51 runs from just 25 balls.

Mohammed fitri took 3 wickets for Malaysia. Malaysia really batted well too. Opener Virandeep Singh made 23 runs of 23 balls. Another opener Syed Aziz Syed made 50 runs from 37 balls. Ahmad Faiz made 16 whereas Mohd Safiq made 10 runs. Aminudin Ramli and Mohammed Syamadat made 24 and 21 runs respectively. Sompal kami and Sandep Lamichane took 2 wickets for Nepal. Avinash Bohora, Karan kc and Paras khadka took 1 wicket each. Nepal will now fly to Singapore to play qualified for the Global qualifiers of the world cup.

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