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Nepal won against Malaysia U16

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Nepal has consistently won second in the ACC U 16 Easton Rally Cricket Championship in Thailand.

Nepal entered semi-final by defeating Malaysia by 39 runs. Malaysia got target of 142 runs, where Malaysia was out in 33.2 overs and made 102 runs.

For Malaysia, Sharon Shrendranan perform well in 80 balls, scored 46 runs with 3 fours. Surendran scored 53 runs with Van Ahmed Asaraf for the sixth wicket.

Van Ahmed scored 17 runs in 46 ball with 1 fours. Krishna Kumar 11, Siddhartha Kartik 6, Van Mohammad Azam, Lokman Nur, Rishach Sushar gathered a similar run. Ramesh Kurmi, Tilak Raj Bhandari and Prasan Mahat Nepal took 2 wickets each for Nepal.

Similarly, Nikhil Kumar Singh and Prasant Singh took 1 wicket each. Earlier, Nepal made the decision to bat first in the Prem International School and in 34.5 made 141 an all out.

For Nepal, Aices Bhattarai scored 34 runs in 42 balls. Dipak Boohra and Arjun Kumal added the same 16 runs. Opener Kumal and Boohara shared 37 runs for the first wicket and gave a good start to Nepal.

For Malaysia, Siddharth Kartik took 4 wickets for 28 runs in 6 overs. Likewise, Lokma Nun and Sachin took 2 wicket each. Mohammad Akmal Alif and Muhammad Imral Asruf had took one wicket each.

Earlier, Nepal defeated Myanmar by 7 wickets in the first game. Nepal will play the last match of its group stage with Thailand on Thursday.

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