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Nepal will play with Papua New Guinea in 15 March

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Nepal to play with Papua New Guinea

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Match detail

In the last match of the group under the ICC qulifier, Nepal defeated Hong Kong with five wickets. In the team ‘B’ Scotland, Zimbabwe and Afghanistan entered in Super Sixs, while Nepal and Hong Kong remained in the fourth and fifth place. The West Indies, Ireland and UAE entered in Super Six in the group ‘A’, while the Netherlands and Papua New Guinea remained in the fourth and fifth.

After the group stage match, now the Super Six phase will start from March 15, and the six super missed countries including Nepal will play for the seventh place. In Super Six two team with highest score will be playinf for a Twenty-two world cup cricket in Englandi 2019.

4 Team which could reached Super Six, will play for ODI regonition and division-1. Although the ICC has not declared official announcement, according to the other international media, 2 Associate nation who are in bottom of world cup qulifier table will have to compete in the Cricket League Division-2 of 2019. The two teams who will be at the top of table at the Division-2 will play the Cricket Cricket League Championship 2020-2022.

what if Nepal loss or win with Papua New Guinea

1. In the fourth place of the group ‘B’, Nepal will now face the last team of group ‘A’ Papua New Guinea in the March 15 and Nepal will have to defeat Papua New Guinea. After defeat of Papua New Guinea, Nepal will be able to compete for the seventh place. In March 15 Hong Kong and the Netherlands will be another game of Play-off match in which if Hong Kong loses and Nepal defeated Papua New Guinea, Nepal will get recognition of a one-day race without playing for the seventh position. Because Nepal will play a game with the Netherlands for the seventh place and Netherland has already received a one-day recognition as the result Nepal will get Nepal one-day recognition any way.

2. If Nepal defeated Papua New Guinea and Hong Kong defeated the Netherlands, Nepal and Hong Kong would play for the seventh place, the winners of the game will get one-day recognition.

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