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NEPAL vs Hong Kong: Very important match for Nepal

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Nepal lost its first innings by 166 runs with Zimbabwe in the first match, with 4 wickets with Scotland and lost by 6 wickets in the third match played in Saturday with Afghanistan. Despite the three defeat, the possibility of reaching inSuper Six for Nepal is still very low.

On the other hand, Hong Kong was defeated by Scotland and Zimbabwe and register victory against Afghanistan. In Group ‘B’ Zimbabwe, Scotland and Afghanistan. Nepal and Hong Kong. Scotland and Zimbabwe already entered in Super Six, and one place is still empty.

Nepal are at the bottom of the group table without any points where as Hong Kong and Afghanistan with two point. Nepal have to defeat Hong Kong with big numbers on favor of Nepal which can bypass Afghanistan in terms of run rate, if we do so we will get ODI recognition.

Opener’s presentation will be worth watching today when Nepal’s opening is taking a lot of criticism. Sharad Visasavkar was not a participant due to the injury of Haststring in the previous game, and Karan KC, who came to his place, had performed satisfactory.

Even today, the batting lineup seems to be a bit shuffle. Nepal’s previous match with Hong Kong is not favor to Nepal. Hong Kong has won both in the two games played. Today the game will start at 1.15 pm according to Nepal time.

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