Fri. Jul 31st, 2020

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Kiran’s club Minerva Punjab, important match for title

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Nepal international Kiran Chemjong’s club Minerva Panjab is playing 17th match and most important Match to win title for this season. Minerva Panjab is playing against Chennai City Club today in JLN Stadium in Coimbatore at 5:45 Nepali time .Minerva Punjab either have to win or draw this match, if they loose today there is less chance to hold the title.Minerva Panjab is in the top of the table with 32 point where as Chennai City is in 9 position. NEROCA is in the second position with 31 points and only one match left to play while Minerva Punjab still need to play 2 match including today. East Bengal is in third position with 29 point and 2 matches to play.Another Nepal International Bimal Magar club is in fourth position with 27 points and still hope for match title mathematically. Send best wishes to him

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