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Kiran’s club Minerva Panjab close to hold I LeaugeTitle

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26 February, Nepal International Kiran’s club Minerva Panjab defeat Aziwal FC by 2 to Nil.Kiran’s performance is mind blowing these days. His confidient in game make him perform well in today match.  Akash Sangwan score goals at 51 min and second goal by Bazie Armand at 90+6 Min.

Minerva Panjab is in top of the leauge table with 32 Points with 16 games played while Neroca is in 2nd position 31 points with 17 games played.

Another Nepal’s international Bimal’s club Mohun Bagan is in 4 th position in leauge table with 25 points.

Photo by goalnepal and Minerva Panjab

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