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Can new batting coach Umesh Patwal, make Nepal Cricket Team qualify in World Cup

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Nepal is going Zimbabwe for the World Cup qualifying game on 27th. At the moment, new coach Umesh Patwal has been coaching batting for the team.Umesh Patwal is preparing players at Close Camp sessions. Although the time is short, Nepalese Team’s are practicing hardly at the moment. Nepal’s aim in this competition is to defeat Afghanistan and Zimbabwe, which is considered as a powerful team in cricket history. Even though Nepal is said to play its first game against Zimbabwe on March 4, the warm-up game is playing with UAE 27 February and Hong Kong in March 1.Nepal is ready to take revenge the defeat of defeating lost in the final of Division2. If Nepal could get the third position in group stage in the tournament, Nepal will get ODI status and get selected for the next next phase of competition. If Nepal could go to the second phase of the competition, Nepal will also make another new record in cricket history.

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